Monday, September 27, 2010

Today I was sitting in my first period class, waiting for the bell to ring, when this girl i'd never seen before popped up in front of me.

(Presumably sophomore) girl: "Hi"
me: "(mumbled) Hello" (I'm never awake during that class. Waking up is a 3-hour process for me)
Underclassman: "I love your outfits so much. You're like a fashion icon in Orem High." I'm not exaggerating. Those were her exact words.
Your's truly: "uh..(still trying to wake up) thanks?"
Girl: "I stare at you all the time. Oh. Is that weird?"
me: "(Trying so hard to understand why someone is talking to me in the morning) I guess not?"
Girl: "My hairdo today is inspired by you (points to high messy bun). "
I'm pretty sure I just stared at her blankly until she had to return to her seat. Weirdest experience of my school day.

Still not sure if I should feel bad that a little sophomore was "inspired" by my bed-head-in-a-bun or If I should be weirded out that I have a gawker in my Current Events class.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here are my top four resources for recipes that never disappoint:

To start with the obvious, Smitten Kitchen. Everyone I've introduced to Deb's website has enjoyed it as much as I have. I'd suggest her gateau du crepes (I've been itching to try her mushroom crepe cake), marshmallows, steak salad (which still tasted great despite my substituting spinach for the arugula and buying the wrong cut of meat), and french toast. She has one of the most established food blogs out there, with an extensive recipe archive containing years worth of great recipes and gorgeous photos.

The always reliable Cook's Illustrated. The only drawback to this site is that it requires a membership. However, if I remember correctly I only pay about 30 bucks a year, and for access to thousands of foolproof recipes and highly reliable buying guides for the best equipment and groceries I call it a pretty good deal. If you don't want to spend money on recipes, you can always sign up for their weekly newsletter, which gives a pretty good sneak peak at what's happening behind the membership veil. They also allow visitors to see most of the posts on their homepage, which they switch around frequently, so there are a few ways to get their recipes without paying. And of course, you can always ask me to shoot you a specific article. Should you decide to sign up for their free 14-day trial, I highly recommend printing out their pan-seared chicken breasts with lemon and chive pan sauce. I made it 5 times in 3 weeks.

Pioneer Woman is always a good read. Her recipes definitely aren't earth shattering, but for the time pressed cook, she does offer above average recipes that are mighty tasty to the non-food critic. Her steak with onion blue cheese sauce was a definite hit, and her tres leches cake is very good. I was particularly impressed with her recipe for cream cheese frosting. The main reason why I hesitate to use her recipes daily is that they are all full-fat (she uses butter excessively) and I feel that there are healthier ways to season your food than with an extra teaspoon of salt. Still a great site, and I enjoy her posts on her other blog sections (particularly confessions and home & garden).

The New York Times has some pretty great recipes, as long as you're willing to go digging. I must confess that I typically only use their recipes after stumbling upon them elsewhere. I've only used a few recipes from their newspaper, but as it's a publication stemming from a city brimming with top-rated chefs (who often contribute) I don't doubt that most of their recipes are as good as the one's I've tried.

I'm curious, what are your go-to recipe sources?

Sunday, September 05, 2010

5 things bout FamilyDamily

1. My mom rolls her eyes more than I do
2. At just a year old (his birthday is todaY) my sweet baby nephew is already the biggest peacemaker of the Sederberg bunch.If he had gone to Bear Lake, the most well behaved award wouldn't have even been a contest. Sorry Zach and Tricia.
3. Lo says I'm a granny. Who's to doubt?
4. My Land O' Lakes grandpa literally married the girl next door. Her middle name is Mae. My daughter's middle name will be Mae. Beautiful
5. We all have an A in our name except Timothy.