Thursday, April 08, 2010

Life Lately

I noticed a few hours ago that I've been saying dash it a lot lately. Please know that if you ever hear me say this 5x fast that I am not swearing. Even if it sounds like it. Thank you. I've only cussed twice in my life and never plan on doing it again. Unless kidnapped.

Also, I'm excited for Louie Roui Lou to move home. She will be good person to keep in the basement. I always find I feel more at ease knowing that there are a couple reliable people stashed down there. Gma doesn't appreciate being stashed anywhere so this will be a nice change.

Boy do I miss calling her Gma.

p.s. my package is shipped and I'm so thrilled that I keep checking it's unchanged location status 67x a day. At minimum. I hate it when those things show up unannounced on our cob-webby doorstep.
I sometimes like to think that the emotion I get when discovering those unannounced packages must be similar to the feeling some people have when discovering their unannounced and Southern 2nd-cousins on the doorstep.

And they don't even come baring wonderful new Shea butters and exfoliating creams.