Monday, October 25, 2010

Wonderful wonderful news

Great news everybody! My future someday life in the future just got a whole lot simpler and less costly. Can you guess why?
No silly. I didn't win the Coca-Cola scholarship.
My mom informed me yesterday that I can have her wedding dress when I get married AND I can use it as my temple dress as well!
I always wanted to use her dress if I ever get married, but I was too nervous to ask her. Thankfully, she brought it up herself on Sunday night and I've been extremely happy ever since.
I'll post a picture of it as soon as I can find one, but it's everything I've imagined for a dress. It has a very simple skirt with a high neck in the back and a deep-for-temple-standards V in the front. Gorgeous embroidery and simple daisy-like lace around the long sleeves. It comes with a ginormous veil as well (still not sure about that part). Simply put, it is very different from what girls usually think of for dresses nowadays: simple and old fashioned (but still extremely stylish, in my opinion).

I tried it on tonight and to my (and my mom's) delight, it was nearly a perfect fit! Trying it on made me even more excited to someday receive my endowments and be able to go through sessions with my family.