Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In 2011, I

Was accepted into BYU as a student
Put deposit down for a dorm room shared with a delightful friend
Attended my brother's wedding to possibly the nicest young lady I know
Fulfilled my dream of ten years of performing in Les Miserables
Performed my duties as "head flower girl" at my best friend's wedding
Decided that my new brother-in-law is pretty great, even if I do tease him about his affinity for Germany nearly every time I see him
Graduated while my sister was on her honeymoon
Flew out to my second home town to visit my people and rediscovered how hilarious my uncle is and just how crazy smart and quirky my grandpa is
Went to Yellowstone for the first time in years
Found a snake in my basement and didn't scream
Dreamed about where I want to travel internationally over the next couple years
Spent more money in two months than I ever have before
Bought enough kitchen supplies to fill six boxes (I'll never need a wedding registry after this)
Packed up my tiny room to move into a slightly large one in the neighboring town
Met my roommates
Decided singles wards weren't terribly awful
Picked an exciting major that I have yet to officially declare
Learned how to REALLY study
Learned how to study in the law library where grad students don't try to flirt with you
Learned how to fit a key into a lock in the pitch black
Saw Lea Salonga in concert
Discovered that going to bed before midnight really isn't so bad (most the time)
Turned nineteen and forgot to continue my tradition of looking at the clock at exactly 9:59 AM
Met my niece for the very first time and felt a bond that only youngest girls can understand
Moved into the nicest on-campus housing available and subsequently discovered that I will feel comfortable entertaining guests next semester
Studied in the dean's office for a week straight
Survived finals
Worked my first 9-5 job
Realized this has easily been the happiest year of my life so far